There are many binary options trading platforms online. To get a reputation in this tough market is very difficult but 24option gas somehow managed to do this. They are one of the best to offer their customers with a wide range of trading accounts as well as trade types. This makes the trader`s job very easy. When he clearly gets a picture of what a software can offer him and what are the options he can trade with, he can plan his strategies accordingly and does not have to waste his time in researching the hell lot of options available in the market.

Let`s take a look at how it has helped many traders to achieve profits with some of its finest advantages.

Pros of The Binary Options Trading Platforms:

  • The trading platform is very different and innovative and traders can easily get an access to this by making the initial investment.

  • Except for a few, it invites the citizens of almost all the countries to trade with its platform. This means that it supports all languages and takes deposits in the form of any currency type. Look at how flexible its trading ground is.

  • Unlike other trading options, 24option encourage the traders to trade further with them by offering cash prizes. This is an addition to what the investor earns through the trade online.

  • Apart from this, it also attracts customers with great promotional offers and bonuses.

  • The executives who work for this trading option extend their support extensively to all the traders at any time. You, as traders, can contact them for any queries or doubts about trading and trading procedures through either a chat window or an email or a direct line to their desks.

  • The brokers tied up with this binary option are all registered and follow meticulously the laid down trading rules. They never deviate from their focus on satisfying the trader with profits. And for each trade you win, they take a commission of 5% from your earnings, which is very genuine.

  • This software has an unending link with the market and keeps updating the trader on the latest happenings. This gives awareness about the various assets in the market, how they perform and what are the returns you can expect from them if traded.

  • When the software declares that it comes under the CySec regulation, it means that it can only be a reliable software aiming at trader`s welfare. A software to get this accredition, it needs to pass through many tests and has to undergo a review by the online researchers; and 24option successfully came out of all these.

  • They also help the investor with a demo account, which will take him across the complete site detailing him on its features and advantages. It will also educate him on how trade takes place, how to handle critical situations and how to cleverly place the trade at the right time. This is a very important feature and benefit for the newbies who would place their foot on the trading ground for the first time.

You might be excited after going through the cram-full and attractive merits of 24option. But kindly stoop to read through the demerits also before you make your deposit. There are not too many to disappoint but just one major disadvantage, which is,

  • You will have an access to the demo account only when you make a deposit of $250. This deposit will not come back to you if you lose the trial trade you might have taken up during the test run.


This is not all it has to offer the traders. Apart from this, it has made its withdrawal procedure also very easy by making it spread over a lot of choices. You are allowed to withdraw any amount at anytime of any denominations and there are no restrictions. Their payout process is very quick and the withdrawal amount reaches you in a jiffy. To encourage traders from around the globe and to make the payment just by sitting at their residence, it has opened its wings to many types of transfers.

  • Credit cards – a general and very easy mode of payment and withdrawal in a common man`s daily life finds a place here too. 24option process any transfer through a card in no time and the withdrawal can also be done via this mode swiftly.

  • Wire transfer – this is a risk-free mode of transction since the money directly goes from your account straight to the 24option account or vice- versa. All the bank details are available on the website.

  • Skrill – this is commonly known as an e-wallet. This can be used to send money to 24option and get back money from them. You have to pay a small amount as a fee to get their services, which is negligible.

  • Western union – a very common mode of payment, the western union transfer can be done to trade with the 24option. Here you have to find an agent to transfer your money to the software and to get your withdrawal from the software. All you have to do is to pay the agent a substantial amount in the name of fees and give him the necessary details and instructions to proceed with the transaction.

All the above modes of money transfers are very safe and secure and never go wrong because all of them act on your advice and commands and you are accountable for any mishappening and the software for sure cannot be blamed.

This software also supports forex trade. The application supports all currencies and also sends you pop-ups indicating their rise and fall. This will enable the forex trader to efficiently place his trade best on the fall or rise and reap huge benefits.

This is one of the best recommended software for traders intersted in trading binary options by the team of experts who reviewed the software`s trading platform and were fully satisfied and happy with its working. The tools and techniques provided by this software are also very reliable and there is no way the trader will get defruaded.